• Clowns!!

    Crazy Clowns!! With some new studs online for the 2016-2017 breeding season we are really stepping up on Clown morphs for 2017. We should produce some nice combos with Spotnose, Leopard and Enchi added. Pictured here is a World's First Leopard Fire Blade Clown produced here in 2016. Next season should bring even more craziness, as we have a lot of 2014 female Clown holdbacks coming online.
  • Pieds!!

    What a pretty girl!! Pieds are an all time favorite morph. Combined with a variety of genes they can really come alive. Pictured here is a 0.1 Black Pastel Pied we produced in 2014. She is a really high white example of the morph. With the addition of Fire and Yellowbelly things can really get interesting. We are certainly pairing a few girls with our 1.0 Enchi Pied and 1.0 Mojave Possible Black Magic Pied to add to our holdbacks.